Electrical Engineering Labs

Electric Circuits Lab

Bollier Center for Integrated Science and Engineering
Students learn the fundamental concepts of electric circuit measurements, understand the main features of power supply sources, analog and digital multimeters, and learn how to operate and use the signal generator and the oscilloscope.

Digital Systems Lab

Herak Engineering Center
Electrical and computer engineering students gain practical experience in the use of basic hardware components, Verilog hardware description language and state-of-the-art field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Through experiments, students become familiar with gates, multiplexers, decoders, flip-flops, counters, registers and displays.

Electronics Lab

Herak Engineering Center
Students build and test electronic circuits on Digilent breadboards that are connected to desktop computers, which contain embedded instruments. These instruments consist of power supplies, oscilloscopes, network analyzers, and multimeters. Students gain practical experience in building and troubleshooting electronic circuits, using appropriate instruments, and gathering and presenting the data that is generated.

Avista T&D Power Lab

PACCAR Center for Applied Science
Housing new power system simulation equipment worth approximately $550,000, the lab provides students a unique opportunity to model and study power system behavior. Experiments include modeling a small individual power system, synchronizing two or more systems, power transfer between systems, connection and operation of protective devices, and dynamic system behavior under fault conditions.

Controls Lab

Herak Engineering Center
Students conduct exercises, based on time and frequency domain system analysis techniques, are used to model physical systems typical of control systems. The students analyze a moving-coil permanent-magnet dc motor and a pulse-width modulation amplifier in order to derive a (linearized) working model.

Communications Lab

Herak Engineering Center
Students conduct experiments in a communication lab where they become acquainted with oscilloscopes, signal generators and spectrum analyzers. Measurement of common signals such as sinusoids and periodic square waves are conducted in both the time and frequency domain. The training and experience that electrical engineering students gain in this laboratory enhances their understanding of analog and digital communication systems.

Robotics Lab

Herak Engineering Center
Electrical engineering students build and test communication systems on a variety of Robots. They also analyze Robots’ performance, design PID or modern controllers to improve the performance, and then implement the controllers on the Robots. Students gain experiences in system analysis, controller design and test, and communication system buildup.

Smart Antenna Radio Lab (SARL)

PACCAR Center for Applied Science
Built via a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the lab enables innovators to address issues in wireless communications by facilitating the design, simulation, and testing of interference-reducing, high-performance communications, radios, algorithms, and antenna systems. The lab's anechoic chamber (absorbing all reflections of either sound or electromagnetic waves) is one of the few available to undergraduate students. It includes 3D simulation software with dedicated computers, a multiple axis-positioning table (MAPS), a vector signal analyzer (VSA), a vector network analyzer (VNA), control software for the instruments, and various required components. More about the SARL

Electronic Students Lab

Bollier Center for Integrated Science and Engineering
Various measuring and development tools are specifically available for electrical and computer engineering students to work on their two-semester senior design projects. This lab space also provides high-end computers to facilitate the modern design process, planning and presentation preparation.

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