MIT Bridge

About the Program 

The MIT Bridge program creates a pathway for Gonzaga undergraduate students to complete their degree, and a master’s degree alongside their teaching certification in as little as five years.

Eligible students can begin taking endorsement courses during their junior or senior year, reducing their future graduate credits.


  • Save Money - Take endorsement courses at undergrad level and reduce your future graduate credit load by up to 7-10 credits. Plus, you’ll receive 15% off the MIT program tuition rate through the Alumni Graduate Education Scholarship.
  • Save Time - Earn both your undergraduate degree and master’s degree in as little as five years.
  • Flexibility – Major in any Gonzaga undergraduate program, and even study abroad while staying on course to graduate alongside pursuing a masters.
  • Priority Placement – Receive first priority for classroom placement as a confirmed student.
  • Higher Earnings – Start your teaching career earning at a higher pay rate, only to increase each year.


  • Enrolled as a Gonzaga Undergraduate Junior or incoming Senior
  • Open to all Gonzaga Undergraduate majors 



Lisa Galindo Tavarez, Admissions Specialist
Call or Text (509) 313-6227 or (866) 380-5323