Endorsement Information

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Endorsements Offered By Gonzaga University

Endorsement Grade Level 
**Early Childhood Special Education  Birth - 3rd grade 
Elementary Education  Kindergarten - 8th grade
Music: Choral; Instrumental, General  All Levels (Preschool - 12th grade) 
World Languages: French; Spanish   All Levels (Preschool - 12th grade) 
**English Language Learner  All Levels (Preschool - 12th grade) 
Health/Fitness  All Levels (Preschool - 12th grade) 
**Reading  All Levels (Preschool - 12th grade) 
Special Education  All Levels (Preschool - 12th grade) 
Theatre Arts  All Levels (Preschool - 12th grade) 
Designated Science: Biology; Chemistry; Science  Secondary (5th - 12th grade) 
**General Science (have to also have bio, chem, or phys)  Secondary (5th - 12th grade) 
English/Language Arts  Secondary (5th - 12th grade) 
History, Social Studies  Secondary (5th - 12th grade) 
Mathematics  Secondary (5th - 12th grade) 
**these endorsements require an additional endorsement  

How to Meet the Content Requirements for Endorsement

Elementary Candidates

Elementary Endorsement (K-8)  For Elementary candidates, the content requirements for the Elementary endorsement is met through the Elementary Education NES tests and are also included in the MIT program.

Secondary Candidates

Specific content area (5-12)  For Secondary candidates, the content requirements need to be met before you can be granted candidacy in the MIT program.  These content requirements can be met by passing the NES or WEST-E.

  1. If your degree is in the specific endorsement area you are seeking, you meet the content requirement by passing the NES in that content area. You are not required to have your transcripts evaluated for coursework.

  2. If your degree is NOT in the endorsement area you are seeking, you are required to have your transcript analyzed for required coursework.  In addition, you are also required to pass the NES in that content area.

Coursework Requirements

a.  Access the Gonzaga University website for the endorsement worksheets for NON-MAJORS.  These documents outline the specific content requirements for each endorsement area.  www.gonzaga.edu/Academics/Colleges-and-Schools/School-of-Education/Advising/default.asp.

b.  Align your transcript with the specific endorsement requirements and document which requirements are not met.

c.  Make an appointment with the Director of Certification office to sign off which requirements have been met, and not met and develop an outlined plan of study that stays on file.  Please bring your endorsement worksheet filled out AND transcripts from institutions where you have met the content for the endorsement.

d.  If at any time you change your endorsement area of your plan of study, you are required to meet with the Director of Certification and the MIT Director to update your plan of study.

For Any Candidate to Add Additional Requirements

Follow steps a - d above.