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Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. October 4, 2020

Questions about the application should be directed to Nicole Cooney at or 313-3405.

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Personal Information
High School Data

Intended Major

Many students at Gonzaga do not declare a major field of study when they first enter the University. Nevertheless, please indicate fields of study that interest you.

Co-curricular Activities

List the major school clubs or activities in which you participated and for how many years (e.g., Spanish Club - 4 years). Indicate leadership positions you have held such as club, class, or student body offices, and offices in activities outside of school.
List any teams or sports organizations in which you were active and for how many years. Also indicate if you were a captain or leader.
List any civic honors or special recognition you have received (e.g. Eagle Scout, Gold Award).
If you held any paying jobs in the last two years, please list the employer, the kind of work you performed, and length of employment:
List any volunteer service activities you participated in during your high school years, and indicate length of service:
Other Questions
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