Forensic Accounting Lab

Our accounting students help fraud victims in our community while gaining valuable hands-on experience through the Justice for Fraud Victims Project. The project is a partnership between Gonzaga, local, state and federal law enforcement officials, and local Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs).

In the Forensic Accounting Lab, under the guidance of law enforcement, CFE mentors, and accounting faculty, students investigate cases of financial fraud in our community. Our students work in teams to assist financial fraud victims in cases where a full forensic accounting investigation would otherwise be too costly and time consuming.

Teams of students work on cases of suspected fraud. If students find evidence of fraud, they will attempt to establish the method by which fraud was perpetrated and quantify the damages so the case can be prosecuted.

As a result, this class provides real-world experience in fraud investigation and forensic accounting, with the final "deliverable" being a forensic accounting report to local anti-fraud and law enforcement professionals. This course fulfills three elective credits or the forensic accounting requirement in the MAcc program.

Justice for Fraud Victims Project

Seeking Justice Through Numbers

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