4+1 Pathway

Gonzaga students can complete both their undergraduate and graduate degrees in as little as five years with our 4+1 Pathway.

Eligible students can take master's level courses in their final year of undergraduate study at undergraduate tuition rates.

This streamlined pathway is available to the following undergraduate majors and minor:

  • Communication Studies
  • Dance
  • International Studies
  • Minor in Leadership Studies (CLP)
  • Theatre Arts
  • Other majors as approved by the Dean of School of Leadership Studies


Graduate Admissions
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Email: gradadmissions@gonzaga.edu
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  • Contemporary teaching approaches from a customizable curriculum to equip you with an agile mindset in the modern workplace.
  • Evidence-based leadership knowledge, skill and dispositions to differentiate capacity in future professions.
  • Principled leadership with faculty and students from all fields, industries and global contexts.


  • Differentiate career readiness and diversification of skills
  • Save Money - 6 graduate credits earned while an undergraduate are billed at undergraduate tuition cost.
  • Save Time - Earn your master's degree in just one additional year.
  • Flexibility - Our courses are offered online, with on-campus immersion opportunities.


  • Be enrolled as a Gonzaga Undergraduate
  • Ready to start graduate courses during final year
  • Major in Communication Studies or
  • Major in International Studies or
  • Major in Dance or
  • Major in Theatre Arts or
  • Minor in Leadership Studies (CLP)

Contact your Academic Advisor or an Admissions Specialist for more information.
Call or Text (866) 380-5323

Program information subject to change