2019 Retreats

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Leadership and the Rule of Benedict: Obedience

April 5 – 7, 2019
3-day Retreat
St. Andrew’s Abbey
Valyermo, CA

Dr. Mike Carey

One of the three vows monks take when entering a monastic community it that of Obedience. The root of the word obedience means “to hear,” which makes the first word of the Rule of Benedict all the more key to the monastic journey of obedience: Listen.  This retreat will use the film Entertaining Angels, which tells the story of Dorothy Day, to reflect on the dynamics of obedience in our lives. Participants will learn about monastic obedience in history and at Valyermo, will use the life and actions of Dorothy Day (who was a Benedictine oblate) to illustrate the key concepts of obedience, and will reflect on how this is made real in their own personal and work lives.



Mt. Whitney - Full

May 2 – 5, 2019
4-day Retreat
Lone Pine and Mt. Whitney, CA

Dr. Adrian Popa

An intensive leadership retreat designed to challenge you to climb the tallest mountain in California while focusing on the leadership themes of choosing courage over comfort, community, vulnerability and resilience. This retreat requires significant physical activity over the course of multiple days, with a 2-day 22-mile hike at 14,000 feet elevation.

Transportation provided from Burbank Airport, both directions.
Permits, Saturday dinner also included.
$325 per person



Entering the Tension Together

September 7 - 8, 2019
2-day retreat, Spokane, WA
Dr. Mike Carey, Dr. Kristine Hoover & Fr. Steve Hess

Regardless of our backgrounds, we all find ourselves living in a polarized environment: politically, socially, racially, and religiously. This fragmentation of community is felt in our world, our nation, our organizations, our families, and in our very selves, creating a tremendous sense of anxiety and tension. This retreat examines models of success, experiences of groundedness, and hope for the future so we may form community to deal productively with our concerns, make the world a better place, and as leaders creatively enter the tension together.

Meals Included
$140 per person



Change Leadership

September 21, 2019
1-day Retreat
Gonzaga University
Spokane, WA

Dr. Kristine Hoover

This alumni gathering serves to reconnect and refresh those who have completed the Change Leadership course. The one day alumni gathering will focus attention on our common challenges and successes as well as contemporary and classic concepts and tools from leading change authors and practitioners.

Immediately following the alumni retreat, the ORGL 517 Organizational Transformation and Change immersion class will begin. We invite alumni to apply to stay and engage with the students, participating as Teaching Assistants (TAs) in the three day class. TAs are invited to bring live teaching cases from their own organizations, participate in class book discussions, and even re-engage with the Experience Change simulation (last day of class). TAs can participate in 1-3 days of the class. Join us at the Change Leadership one day alumni retreat and discuss issues that are important to you, network with fellow alumni, and consider how leading change relates to your life's journey and career path.

$65 per person



Leadership and the Rule of Benedict: Conversatio

September 20 – 22, 2019
3-day Retreat
St. Andrew's Abbey
Valyermo, CA

Dr. Mike Carey

The monastic vows of Stability and Obedience are deeply integrated into who a monk is by his or her vow of Conversatio, or “constant conversion.” Stability means to be fully present to the reality of what is; obedience means to respond authentically to that reality. Conversatio means moving from individual acts of stability and obedience to being stable and obedient.  This retreat will use the film Romero, which tells the story of St. Oscar Romero when he was the archbishop of El Salvador and was martyred because he was the voice for the powerless. St. Oscar’s life is one of constant development and personal transformation as he seeks to be an instrument of God’s will for the good of the Salvadoran people. We will use his life to reflect on our own journeys of development and transformation as servant-leaders.

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