Kem Gambrell

Dr. Kem Gambrell

Dr. Kem Gambrell is a member of the DPLS program and teaches a variety of leadership, social justice, and research classes.  She works to facilitate a process in the classroom where transformative learning, critical thinking and social justice perspectives are developed and utilized to evaluate and apply subject matter.

Dr. Gambrell’s research has centered around exploring under-represented leadership paradigms, specifically focusing on Native American perspectives, as well as constructive development and the social construction of leadership.  In addition, she has consulted for not-for-profit and medical organizations on a variety of leadership and organizational change over the past fourteen years. 


  • ORGL 537:  Foresight & Strategy


  • B.S., Human Studies, Concordia University
  • M.S., Leadership Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Ph.D., Biology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln