Using Social Media in Your College Search

A man takes a photo of his family with a bulldog statue and Spike the bulldog mascot.

September 24, 2020
Becky Stockton & Madeline Hueske

There are more tools than ever that students can use to begin their college application process, including websites, virtual information sessions, meetings with current students or counselors, and college books and guides. But have you considered how social media could be a useful tool? Many colleges and universities have their own social media accounts that students can follow to get insight into the student body, campus life, and other important events and activities on campus. Gonzaga has a variety of social media accounts that can help you learn about what’s happening on campus, which is helpful with campus visits and travel currently limited.


Do you have an Instagram account? Chances are, you do! Instagram has become one of the most used social media platforms by teenagers in the past few years. A recent study done by technology firm EAB found that out of 9,500 students surveyed, 30% of them said they used Instagram to help them during their college search. Instagram is a great way to get a glimpse into life on campus and be able to envision yourself there. Instagram is helpful for visual learners since all the content is either photos or videos. Since Instagram is also heavily used by current college students, you can utilize things like tags, hashtags, and location tags to see posts from students related to a certain college. Hashtags are frequently underutilized but a great way to learn about a college. For example, if you want to know more about what it means to be a Zag, follow #BeAZag on Instagram! That way, you will see any posts that arise with that hashtag, giving you a better idea of what life looks like as a Zag. Instagram is an easy way to connect with colleges and their admission offices! Be sure to follow us at @gonzagau and @zagadmissions on Instagram!


Twitter is probably not the first platform that you think of when thinking of how to connect with colleges, but it is a great tool! Twitter gives you chance to connect with and learn more about a college and their admission process. Many times, schools’ presidents have Twitter accounts too (shameless plug to follow @Gonzaga_Prez on Twitter). One unique tool on Twitter is your ability to search a school name and see tweets related from different accounts. Many schools Twitter feeds are filled with great stories about their alumni, which will give you a better sense of outcomes from said university. Twitter is also one of the first places schools will post important announcements so you can stay in the know as well.


ZeeMee is a relatively new app that is made specifically for high school students applying to college. You can follow universities and colleges you’re interested in and see what’s being posted by current students, faculty, and staff. You can join group chats for each school and meet other students that are interested in applying as well. The cool thing about ZeeMee is you can join different groups as you move through the application process: after you find out about admission, you can join an admitted student group chat, and if you’re accepted into certain programs or residence halls, you can meet other students in those same communities. Gonzaga’s ZeeMee channel is very active, and it’s a great way to get to know other prospective Zags! Just search “Gonzaga University” to follow our account.