January 18, 2020

MUSEUM IS CLOSED AT THIS TIME - A Grand Tour: Images of Italy from the Permanent Collection of the Jundt Art Museum

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Saturday, Jan 18, 2020 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
This event runs until May 9th

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Jundt Art Museum

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  • Arts & Culture

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Jundt Art Museum at Gonzaga University Closed to the Public

The Jundt Art Museum at Gonzaga University has made the difficult decision to close to the public until further notice. We are canceling all public programs and tours. As Gonzaga University continues to assess and to announce its intentions related to the coronavirus for the remainder of the spring semester 2020, the museum may need to publicize adjustments and changes to our plans.

We invite you to visit our Jundt Galleries page for a comprehensive video tour in place of an in-person visit.

"A Grand Tour: Images of Italy from the Permanent Collection of the Jundt Art Museum" in the Jundt Galleries
In his book Italian Hours, author Henry James often commented on the tourist sites of urban Italy. In 1882, he noted, “The only way to care for Venice as she deserves it is to give her a chance to touch you often—to linger and remain and return.” James and other late-nineteenth–century Americans were continuing the British tradition of the Grand Tour in Italy, centered on its most important cultural cities and historic sites. This exhibition functions as a visual travelogue of the Italian peninsula using works of art from the collection of the Jundt Art Museum at Gonzaga University.
Both the exhibition and an accompanying book begin with sixteenth-, seventeenth-, and eighteenth-century European prints, byproducts of artists’ visits mostly to the urban centers of Rome and Florence, and conclude with twenty-first-century images. Significant portions of the objects in this exhibition result from the Bolker Collection and from the Fredrick and Genevieve Schlatter Endowed Print Fund. A Grand Tour utilizes the Jundt Art Museum’s collection to present artistic imagery of the canals of Venice, the Renaissance architecture of Florence, and the classical remains of Rome, but also sites in Milan, Pisa, Assisi, Naples, and Palermo as well as other cities and towns. We hope that this selection of 76 images of Italy will give pleasure as one introduction to a wide-ranging and astonishing topic and as an opportunity, as James writes, “to linger and remain and return.”