October 05, 2018

Why our Tech-Driven World Needs the Humanities

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Friday, Oct 05, 2018 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


College of Arts & Sciences


Joann Jundt Lounge, Gonzaga University


Amy Shellenberger

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  • Academics

About This Event

In this inescapably technological time, our lives are continuously altered by innovation. Although we acquiesce, we often do so with mixed feelings: can we realistically develop meaningful friendships on Facebook? Can personal privacy really be guaranteed by information anonymity? How does the permanent possibility of digitally connecting with others elsewhere alter face-to-face engagement?

Many attempts to understand the effects of technology on us appeal to external, quantitative metrics: How many hours people spend on Facebook, the ways in which reliance on GPS for navigation alters the brain, and so forth. In this lecture, our 2018-2021 Arnold Chair, Professor Kirk Besmer, will argue that critical self-reflection is necessary to fully understand our current technological situation and to respond to it appropriately—and that that kind of self-reflection is cultivated primarily through a study of the humanities.