Play Christmas ZagLibs

Zag Nation, Unite!

‘Twas the night before ____ and all across Gonzaga’s campus Zags were getting ready for the big day.

The ____ bells at St. Al’s were shined up and ready, waiting to ____ in the morning to announce the ____ day.

Everything seemed to be ____, when suddenly the ____ stormed the McCarthey Athletic Center! The Zags were caught off guard – there was no ____ game on the schedule tonight, and the team was out of town!

A call went out to Dr. Thayne McCulloh, “We need a ____ team, ASAP!” Without missing a ____, Dr. McCulloh ____ to the window and shouted, “____, ZagNation! We need you!”

Students, staff, alumni, faculty, friends and even ____ ran to McCarthey to play the surprise ____ game. The ____ team of Zags ____ with all their hearts late into the night, and a last-second ____ brought home the win.

Everyone was so ____ as they cheered and ____ all the way back to their dorms.

In the ____ doghouse near campus, Spike curled up on his ____ by the fire, and dreamt of ____, so very proud of all the members of ZagNation.