Build your own Snow Globe

You only need few simple household items and this printable sheet of images to get started.

Here's what you'll need: 

  • A jar with a lid (recycle if you can)
  • Clear liquid (water or baby oil work well)
  • Self-laminating sheets or a heat-activated laminator
  • Waterproof glue like a hot glue gun
  • Decorative bits (shells, sprigs and twigs, cotton balls, etc.)
  • Craft glitter
  • Scissors

Step one:

Gather your supplies.

Gather supplies

Step two:

Print this page and cut out the image you want to use. 


Step three:

Laminate and cut out your image. Be sure to leave enough of the laminating material around the edges for it to connect onto itself, as this will help keep your image dry in the liquid. Leave about an inch of extra laminating material at the bottom for the next step.


Step four: 

Snip a quarter to half inch vertical cut into the bottom of the laminating material, and fold it perpendicularly along the bottom. This will help the image curve to the proper size of your lid.

Snip and fold

Step five: 

Bend your laminated image to fit your lid.

Carefully bend

Step six:

Apply waterproof glue to the inside of your lid where you want the image to go.

Use waterproof glue

Step seven:

Secure your image to the lid and hold upright until dry.

Glue it down

Step eight:

Glue down decorative bits and pulled-apart cotton balls. 


Add snow

Step nine: 

Pour a small amount of glitter into your jar. NOTE: There is such thing as too much glitter when it comes to this project. A glitter blizzard will block the view of your image.

Add glitter

Step ten:

Fill your jar with clear liquid. The thicker the liquid, the slower your glitter "snow" will float down. Fill it all the way to the top.

Add liquid

Step eleven:

Secure the lid on tightly.

Put the lid on

Step eleven:

Swirl gently to loosen any glitter clumps. Then watch as the "snow" falls peacefully on campus or on Spike!

Make it snow


Be sure to tag @GonzagaU when you share your finished snow globes!


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