Gonzaga Adjunct and Fixed-Term Faculty Information
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Gonzaga Adjunct and Fixed-Term Faculty Information

This web page is dedicated to providing faculty, students, staff and members of the public with complete and accurate information regarding issues relating to Adjunct and Fixed-term Faculty at Gonzaga.

Gonzaga is proud to have a long-standing and continuing tradition of open dialogue with all faculty. As part of this tradition, Gonzaga has renewed its dialogue with adjunct and fixed- term faculty. Gonzaga has established this page to facilitate that dialogue, to report on its results and to communicate other items of interest relating to adjunct and fixed-term faculty.

At Gonzaga, as a Jesuit, Catholic, humanistic institution, we adhere to the principles of social justice, including fairness for labor. Lecturers and adjunct faculty are encouraged to bring their concerns to the administration as part of our tradition of open dialogue. As has historically been the case, the administration believes that direct conversations between faculty and administration are the best way to identify and address issues.

We are also committed to providing competitive compensation to our employees in accordance with our mission, which commits us to the well-being of the whole person and to maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence.

The administration is currently engaged in an ongoing review of compensation for employees across the University, including faculty who work under course-by-course, single-term adjunct contracts. (Gonzaga's fixed-term lecturers are compensated according to the system that is used for tenure-stream faculty.) Gonzaga University is committed to providing students with a high-quality education at a reasonable cost.

Links to related information can be found in the left navigation and right column of this page. New information will be added as appropriate. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on this matter, or regarding the contents of this web page, please contact Patricia O'Connell Killen, Academic Vice President, at killen@gonzaga.edu or call 509-313-6504.

Academic Vice President
Patricia O'Connell Killen, Ph.D.