Global Bridge 2 & 3 Courses

Global Bridge courses can be taken by any international student interested in having a space to ask questions about the culture behind the content they are learning in classes as well as a place to learn academic, college level language skills and better understand American academic culture.

Global Bridge 2 courses are part of a regular undergraduate load and have undergraduate elective credit.

Students who are admitted to the Global Bridge Program and complete Global Bridge 1 coursework are required to take Global Bridge 2 classes.


The main goal of the class is to help students be successful and vibrant members of Gonzaga's academic community. Students will identify and analyze assumptions, beliefs, values and rhetorical styles in western academic culture, as well as other cultures. They will understand, explore and apply the underlying concepts, structures and methods, and discipline specific terminology necessary to be successful in Philosophy 101: Reasoning.

Students will also develop strategies that will enable them to engage with texts, lead and participate in meaningful ways in academic discussions, and produce increasingly sophisticated written responses. Finally, students will develop and apply a personal learning philosophy that enables them to interact and contribute in explicit ways to the academic community.


This class is designed to prepare multilingual students and/or non-native speakers of English for successful participation in the academic life at an American university with a focus on critical written expression. The course will address American university writing expectations, but more importantly consider how diverse personal experiences, cultural perspectives, values and norms shape the formation and understanding of knowledge and choices as writers and scholars.

Students will use a variety of texts and research methods to effectively support and explore a sustained critical analysis that takes into account contextual influences. They will also develop a personal learning philosophy that incorporates learning strategies and linguistic skills in order to create a space and position themselves to interact and contribute in explicit ways to the academic community.


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