Global Bridge 1 Courses

Students who successfully complete Global Bridge 1 courses are fully admitted to Gonzaga and can complete an undergraduate degree in four years, including their first semester in our Global Bridge Program.

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The overall goal of this course is to promote greater student awareness of language use. Students will develop their ability to recognize and produce an increasingly sophisticated range and complexity of English. Students will also regularly analyze and correct (their own) written and spoken production. While the focus is on accuracy and fluency in both spoken and written English, students will also develop greater sensitivity to linguistic identity including the audience, purpose, register, and rhetorical choices and to the intersectionality of language, culture, communication, and identity.
This class provides a strong base of integrated skills that support success in American academic and social contexts. Course objectives focus on reading broadly for varied purposes and from a variety of sources; engaging in the critical reading-into-writing process; composing texts in diverse registers and voices; engaging in short as well as more sustained recursive research; and most importantly, participating actively and sharing and integrating world perspectives into larger academic conversations.
In this course, students will be introduced to and cultivate an understanding of interpersonal, intercultural, and small-group communication. Students will improve their ability to communicate orally and listen effectively in a variety of academic and social situations. Students will learn to apply the necessary critical thinking, reasoning, and research skills to compose and present several speeches. In addition, this course will critically examine the readings and assignments of COMM 100.
In this course, students will be introduced to and cultivate an understanding of interpersonal and small-group communication. The course also requires application of critical thinking, reasoning and research skills necessary to organize, write and present several speeches. Students will learn effective active communication and listening skills necessary to the development of the individual, the university and the greater public communities.

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