Jennie Sevedge

Jennie SevedgeSenior Lecturer, ELC - Gonzaga Global Academic Coordinator

Jennie has been teaching English for over fifteen years in Colombia and the U.S. She first became interested in languages and cultures through independent travel and study all over Latin America. Now, she is married to a Colombian and lives in a bilingual household. At the ELC, most of her research and work have focused on intermediate to advanced oral and written communication. Her classes focus on the cultural, social, and academic skills that help students succeed in their goals. She enjoys being part of a global learning community that encourages her and her students to see the world a little differently.

When she’s not teaching, Jennie enjoys gardening, photography, camping and outdoor sports with her family, and traveling near and far.


  • M.A., Applied Linguistics/TESOL, University of Alabama
  • B.A., English Literature, Spanish Minor, University of Alabama

Languages Studied

  • Spanish

What students say:

  • "I learned how I read. This is the best class I have ever. Now I can read any topic faster."
  • "I liked the teacher’s passion and effort to communicate to students, I couldn’t help but be active."
  • "It is the most perfect reading class I have ever taken. It helps me to know how to read carefully and focus on what I am reading."
  • "I like everything in Jennie’s class. I love her always. She always teaches us sincerely and with a warm heart." | Welch 105 | (509) 313-6590