Heidi Doolittle

Heidi DoolittleSenior Lecturer, ELC (ESL and MA|TESL)

Heidi Doolittle has been teaching English for almost 20 years in Japan and the U.S. After spending three years living and teaching abroad, she became interested in learning about other cultures and languages and decided to pursue her MA in TESOL. At the English Language Center, her research and teaching over the years has focused on developing students’ vocabulary and reading skills. Her classes also focus on the skills and strategies that students need to communicate successfully with people from cultures and backgrounds other than their own.

She is excited to be part of Gonzaga’s global community and loves helping students achieve their academic and personal goals while studying abroad. 


  • M.A., Teaching English as a Second Language, Gonzaga University
  • B.S., Biology, Gonzaga University

Languages Studied

  • Japanese
  • French

What students say:

  • “She taught us skills to read fast and understand new words. It is helpful and I hope my friends take this class with Heidi.”
  • “Heidi always answered my questions when I didn't understand and helped me to improve my reading skills.”
  • “I like her activities. She has an academic way in how to make students be good listeners and speakers.”
  • “I like her class because all the time we exchanged ideas and every time we learned new things. It is a really interesting and dynamic class.”
doolittleh@gonzaga.edu | Welch 108 | (509) 313-6566