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Fr. George Morris, S.J. Scholarship
Honoring the "Ministry of Presence"

Fr. Morris described his work with the Gonzaga University Theatre and Dance Department as a "Ministry of Presence." He was dedicated to being present for students, faculty and staff as they rehearsed, prepared and performed in countless theatre and dance productions.

Fr. Morris supported the students during a time of transition in the department by inviting them to lunch at Jesuit House; writing them individual, inspirational prayers; and praying and reading with them. Fr. Morris had a gift for close reading, which he often shared with those who joined in reading groups with him.

Before the curtain rose on any of the performances during his time with Theatre and Dance, the cast and dancers would meet and bow their heads and listen to the words Fr. Morris always carefully prepared for those particular moments. He was generous enough to share these prayers with the directors before praying them with the cast, and these will be added to his collection in the Foley Center Library.

We wish to raise the curtain in celebration of the life of Fr. Morris and his ministry of presence through the establishment of an endowed scholarship in his name. Each future student receiving this award will be a tribute to Fr. Morris' many years of care, prayers, guidance and enthusiasm for the artistic process and traditions. He will also remain present to the department with his enduring traditions.

You are invited to join in the establishment of an endowed scholarship to memorialize and honor Fr. George Morris, S.J. -- beloved friend, chaplain, professor and Jesuit at Gonzaga University.

To make a gift in support of the Dr. George Morris, S.J. Scholarship, please contact:
Judi Rabensteiner
Regional Development Officer

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