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Environmental Studies Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Can I do with an ENVS Major?
This is a question that should be rephrased to: what can I do with a Liberal Arts Social Science or Humanities Major. In this regard, ENVS is no different from HIST, ENGL, or POLS. The answer is you can do anything, but more specifically, government, non-profit, and graduate school are traditional ENVS career paths. However, there are others and within these, there are literally thousands of options, especially when you consider the international, national, state, regional, county, and municipal levels.

2. What are the rules about double-counting courses with the Core and/or with 2nd Majors?
(a.) Any 100 and 200-level course may be double-counted between the ENVS Major or Minor and the Core.
(b.) 300 and 400-level courses may not bet double-counted between the ENVS Major or Minor and the Core/there are a few exceptions to this rule for PHIL and RELI Majors/Minors - see those Departments for details.
(c.) There are no restrictions on double-counting courses between the ENVS Major and a 2nd Major or a Minor.

3. I've heard you need to be in one an ENVS Major or Minor to get into ENVS courses. Is that accurate?
NO! There is no preference for ENVS students in ENVS courses. Enrollment and registration are based solely on seniority/i.e. In special circumstances, Seniors ENVS majors may get priority in a required course if they must have it to graduate on time.

4. I'm trying to get into an ENVS course and it shows spaces open, but when I try to register, it says the course closed.
This is a problem with ALL cross-listed courses, not just ENVS courses. If a course has 10 spots on one side/e.g., ENVS and 10 on the other side/e.g., POLS, SOCI, BIOL, etc., it will always show the other side as "empty spots" even though they're full. It's just an annoying fact of registration at GU.