Gonzaga Greenhouse

The Biology Department at Gonzaga University maintains a 920 sq. ft. greenhouse, with one growing room, located on the south end of Hughes Hall.

The greenhouse serves three missions: housing a teaching collection of plants, providing growing space for student projects and materials for teaching labs, and providing growing space for faculty research projects.

All greenhouse users are asked to coordinate their space requirements with the Greenhouse Coordinator. Requests for growing space for all student or faculty projects need to be made in writing, prior to starting the experiment, using the Greenhouse Space Request Form.

Allocation of greenhouse space is determined in part by space demands, project size, environmental requirements, past performance, utilization efficiency, sanitation, and cooperation.

All users (students and faculty) must agree to abide by the rules put forth in Greenhouse User Manual, and their signatures on the Greenhouse Space Request Form will serve as evidence of agreement. There is no charge to use the greenhouse. Overhead costs are currently supported by laboratory fees paid by students. Researchers are asked to use their research budgets for supplies.

Want to connect with the Biology Department?

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