Biology Teaching Careers Information

The world needs biology teachers who can:

  • Help future generations to understand and value our natural resources;
  • Give young people the tools to navigate in our scientific world;
  • Show students that biology is not a collection of textbook facts but a dynamic process;
  • Help students to discover how living organisms work;

Why teach?

  • It is fun and never boring!  Students are spontaneous.
  • It is rewarding! Watch those "light bulbs come on".
  • It is challenging! Motivate the uninterested.
  • Schools are experiencing a shortage of science and math teachers (see online Recruiting New Teachers, Inc.) - fill that shortage.
  • Choose where you want to live - given the shortage of science and math teachers, you can be selective with your job choices.
  • Avoid hefty school loans that will accrue with medical school or graduate school. 
  • Choose a science career that maintains reasonable hours (i.e., not in the office from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm, including most weekends - well, only during the science fair and some weekends).
  • Teach because you are READY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

If you are a motivated biology student with an interest in young people, then please contact Dr. Julie Beckstead, HU 213.  We can help you start down the path to a rewarding teaching career.

A. University coursework for biology teachers

  • Biology major: BA or BS in Biology with completion of teacher certification (most students find a BA is most compatible with education courses).
  • Biology major: BA or BS in Biology and then pursue a 5th year in a program to receive your teaching certification for a Masters Program.
  • Education courses:  see education advisor Dr. John Traynor.
  • Other specifics:  BIOL 304 (TA) required; options for Biology teaching endorsement and General Science teaching endorsement.

B.  Teaching Resources (just a few of many)

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