Faculty Artwork

Gonzaga's art faculty are both exceptional artists and professors.

Every studio faculty member is dedicated to research and production as artists who teach, not as teachers who have to rely on memory. The greatest teaching tool in the classroom is the faculty member who is first and foremost a practicing artist.



Mary Farrell

Printmaking & Figure Drawing


 Mary Farrell artwork

Roger Ralston 

Art Appreciation & Art in 20th Century
 Roger Ralston Artwork

Mat Rude 

Ceramics & Sculpture
Mat Rude Artwork 

Lisa Soranaka

Lisa Soranaka Artwork 

Austin Stiegemeier

Painting & Drawing  
Austin Stiegemeier Artwork 

Gina Freuen

Senior Seminar
Gina Freuen Artwork 

Terry Gieber

Professor Emeritus
Terry Gieber Artwork 

Robert Gilmore 

Robert Gilmore Artwork