Interdisciplinary Research Teams Initiative

Bringing Research and Creative Experiences into the First-Year Seminar

Established in 2018 and funded through the College of Arts & Sciences’ Dean’s office and money from a W. M. Keck Foundation grant, the Interdisciplinary Research Teams Initiative is focused on building research opportunities into First-Year Seminar courses in the University Core Curriculum. Teams of faculty from different departments and disciplines build a First-Year Seminar course around a research topic of their interest and provide first-year students with authentic research experiences around that topic. Students are encouraged to explore their own interests and curiosity within the topic of the course, and faculty team members mentor the students or student teams in developing good research questions and beginning the process of answering those questions.

Faculty teams are encouraged to develop additional core courses beyond the First-Year Seminar to allow students to further explore these interests in later courses – or even explore new interests in new research topics!

Students finishing one of these research-oriented First-Year Seminar courses will also have the opportunity to return as peer mentors for future iterations of the course.

Join the Interdisciplinary Research Teams Initiative

Interested faculty can find a FAQ and application on myGU.