Forms & Templates

The templates below are provided for faculty use. Please adapt them to your needs and the needs of your students.

Academic Internship Flowchart

Click here for the flowchart.

This flowchart illustrates how faculty members and staff work together to steer students through the internship process, from landing an internship, to planning for the experience (including registering for credit), to completing the internship and reflecting on its value.


Academic Internship Learning Agreement Template

  1. Before the beginning of any new internship, a supervising faculty member and student should discuss the components of the internship learning agreement, including the student learning outcomes (discussed in the next section of this manual).
  2. After the student has discussed these learning outcomes and other components with the employer, the student should draft his or her learning outcomes (and contribution to the overall program of study) and secure approval from the faculty member.
  3. With the learning outcomes in place, the student and employer should then complete their information sections. They should discuss and complete the student’s on-site responsibilities, the internship starting and ending dates, the anticipated schedule, and the internship site responsibilities. Both parties should sign the agreement.
  4. The faculty member should complete his or her information section. The faculty member and student should review and discuss the student’s and site’s responsibilities. The faculty member and student should then discuss and complete the student’s off-site responsibilities (including methods for self-evaluation) and faculty responsibilities. The faculty member should sign the agreement, affirming his or her approval of the internship as appropriate for college-level learning and course credit.
  5. The faculty member should retain the original agreement and return copies to the student and employer. (The faculty member will forward an additional copy to the Dean’s Office with the course registration form.


Academic Internship Timesheet Template

A simple timesheet helps a student document the time he or she spends on the internship and helps keep the internship on track throughout the semester. Many faculty supervisors require a signed copy of the timesheet at the end of the internship.


Academic Internship Site Evaluation Template

The internship site supervisor’s written evaluations of the student are vital. The site supervisor should provide written evaluations around the midpoint of the internship and at the end. The site supervisor and the faculty supervisor should discuss these evaluations with the student.


Academic Internship Course Evaluation Template

Gonzaga University policy precludes evaluations for courses that enroll fewer than four students, but students undertaking academic internships appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback about the support they receive from their faculty supervisors. Faculty members who expect to supervise multiple academic internships will want to use that feedback to affirm or improve the quality of the support they provide. Faculty supervisors can incorporate a question about the quality of the support they provide in a final reflective essay prompt. Alternatively, faculty members can give students an Academic Internship Course Evaluation.


Faculty Supervision Compensation Checklist

The College of Arts and Sciences requires faculty members to maintain and submit documentation of their work supervising credit-bearing internships when requesting compensation. This checklist will serve as a cover sheet.


Academic Internship Registration Form

Click here for the form.

  1. Form is used to apply for a credit-bearing (or zero-credit) internship.
  2. This form must be filled out in conjunction with the instructor who has agreed to supervise the internship.
  3. All sections of the form must be completed. Information contained under the first section of the form "Student Information" is to be completed by the student. The instructor is responsible for completing the information contained under "Internship Description.” Pay particular attention to the alignment between the student’s on-site and off-site responsibilities (the site supervisor will determine the former; the instructor will determine the latter), learning outcomes, and method of assessment.
  4. Signatures required: (1) student (2) instructor, (3) advisor, (4) department chair of discipline and (5) appropriate dean.
  5. Obtain this form from the link provided, Dean's Office (CG 416), Registrar's Office (CG 229) or website.

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