2018-19 Academic Awards

Large group photo, academic award winners 2019
We wish graduating seniors the best of luck as they progress to the next phase of their lives, and we look forward to seeing what continuing students achieve throughout the rest of their time at Gonzaga!

Each year the College of Arts & Sciences recognizes the exemplary work of students majoring and minoring in departments across the College. Not only do these students go beyond expectations to demonstrate their commitment to these disciplines, but many of them are also double and triple majors with multiple minors; they’re members of honor societies, they participate in student organizations that put into practice what they’ve learned through their coursework, and they give back to the greater Spokane community by volunteering with local nonprofits.

Here we have collated these exceptional students’ reflections on impactful moments of their academic careers and how their areas of study have contributed to their personal and professional development. Their responses clearly exhibited each of the values a Jesuit institution strives to develop.

I am confident in my content knowledge and I believe that I can thoughtfully educate middle or high school students to critically analyze literature, reflect on its purpose, and discover its deeper meaning.
Molly Wilson
Success athletically has instilled in me confidence that I can also succeed academically, whether it be as an undergrad or a medical student. I will be forever grateful to Gonzaga for provided me the resources, the mentors, and the support to pursue my goals, regardless of the form that they take.
Hannah Tolson
Each time I fell, I was taught how to get back up and continue to fight for my goals. It takes an incredibly special department to teach you these things, and I am honored to have been a part of it.
Megan Shultz
I would argue that my greatest accomplishment is actually an accumulation of all my work here. It's the person I've become, the commitment I've discovered for others, and the skills I have developed that will make me the best possible advocate. If pressed, though, I would say getting into eight law schools was pretty cool too!
Gabriella Marie Castro
My proudest accomplishment was earning the opportunity to serve in the Marine Corps. I owe a debt of gratitude to my friends, family, and mentors at Gonzaga for their guidance along the way.
Jack Murray