Credit Balance Authorization Form- Title IV Funds

Title IV funds are federal funds that are used to pay tuition, fees, room and board. Federal law states that any federal funds in excess of these charges must be refunded to the student, unless Gonzaga University is authorized by the student to hold those funds on the student account for other charges (such as health center fees, parking fines, etc.). Federal funds consist of the Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG Grant, Federal TEACH Grant, Federal Stafford Loans, Federal Perkins Loans and the Federal PLUS loan.

This credit balance authorization form is used to authorize Gonzaga University to not only apply Title IV funds for charges beyond federally allowable expenses, but for Gonzaga to hold credits from all sources on the student account to pay for any future or miscellaneous charges unless a refund is requested.

If your parent borrowed a Federal Direct PLUS Loan, he/she will also need to fill out the Title IV Credit Authorization if the proceeds of the loan will have to be used for charges other than tuition, fees, University housing and meal plans.

This authorization is voluntary and will remain in effect for the duration of your Gonzaga University education. If at any point you may want to receive a refund for excess funds, simply contact the Student Accounts Office in College Hall, room 024, and we will inactivate your authorization form.

Credit Balance