Adobe Creative Suite

Photoshop: Get superior results faster with industry-standard Adobe® Photoshop® CS software. The "CS" version allows you to create the highest quality images more efficiently than ever before. Categories in this training include; Basics, Graphic Tools, Section Specifics, Working with Layers, and Web Graphics.

Illustrator: Adobe® Illustrator® CS software allows you to explore your creative vision in print, on the Web, and any in other medium. It is the upgrade from Illustrator 10. Categories in this training include: Getting Started, Basic Shapes, Type, Fills and Strokes, Transforming Objects, Web Art, and Miscellaneous. 

InDesign: Adobe® InDesign® is fast becoming the industry standard for page layout and design. Our series of 74 tutorials will give you the "must have" skills you need. Categories in this training include: Getting Started Using Tools, Working with Layouts, Working with Text, Working with Images, Working with Color, Saving and Exporting.