Asset Tag Information

ITS began applying asset tags to computer equipment in fiscal year 2009. White asset tags were applied to all computing hardware purchased in fiscal year 2009 and prior. ITS changes the color of the asset tags every fiscal year. The chart below shows the asset tags and corresponding fiscal years:

Asset Tag Color

Fiscal Year


2009 or Older













The intent of this process is to make your computer hardware replacement budgeting much more efficient. All you have to do is take a count of all your color-coded systems to know how many need to be replaced for a given fiscal year. Our recommendation is to replace laptops every three years and desktops every four years.

It is important to keep your computing equipment up to date. All Lenovo laptops and desktops are purchased with a 3-year warranty. As equipment ages it increases maintenance costs in labor and increases costs to employee productivity so it is important to replace equipment on a regular schedule.

ITS donates computers that have been taken out of service but are still functioning to local non-profit organizations. For more information on the donation process please contact Jim Jones at ext. 5926.

If you need to purchase any new systems, please visit our Tech Support Portal to start the purchasing process. The IT Support Center is happy to assist you in evaluating your older systems for replacement. If you have any questions with purchasing new computer equipment, contact the IT Support Center at extension 5550 or