Modified Classroom Furniture

Modified Furniture

Modified furniture may be placed for students with a variety of accommodation needs, including but not limited to the use of a wheelchair, back or hip problems, and broken bones. 
A student needing modified furniture must complete the intake process with DREAM, submitting appropriate documentation and completing an intake interview.  The student and DREAM will work together to determine the type of furniture needed, the duration of time it will be needed for, and where in the classroom it should be placed.  Because disabling conditions are not static, modified furniture needs will be assessed on a per semester basis.
Once furniture is placed, please inform DREAM in any of the following situations:

  • If your furniture is moved from the correct position in the classroom.  We will make every effort to insure that the furniture is in the correct location; however, because of the volume of people using the classrooms, we cannot guarantee that it will not occasionally be moved out of position.
  • If the modified furniture has been removed from the classroom.
  • If someone prevents you from using the furniture during class, please inform your teacher and ask him or her to intervene.  If the situation persists, please contact DREAM.
  • If you no longer need to use the modified furniture in your class, so we may remove it and place it for another student.