FFW Tips

Gonzaga University


Angela Ruff

1 . What is Fall Family Weekend?^

The focus of this event is to welcome the parents, family members, and family friends of our undergraduate students to campus so that they have the opportunity to experience a portion of their student's life at Gonzaga University. To this end, we encourage parents to attend classes with their student and to participate in a variety of academic, athletic, and social events especially designed to give family members a tantalizing taste of Gonzaga.

2 . Who attends FFW?^

This event has not been designed exclusively for the families of our incoming freshmen; rather, it is an ideal time for the families of all of our students to visit GU. The parents of some of our graduating seniors will be attending their fourth FFW!  We have parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, godparents (and even the family dog a time or two) join us for this exciting weekend.

3 . How do I get information?^

We utilize electronic communications through the parent newsletter, emails, and twitter posts.   The schedule is updated on the website as activities are confirmed, with a highlights page available from mid-April to late summer to identify key activities.

Basketball team exhibitions (either men's or women's) is usually determined the first week of September, when our Athletics department has confirmation from the NCAA as to what is appropriate to offer.   Typically, the experience is a non-ticketed exhibition event, open to the general public with open seating. 

Student clubs generally need a couple of weeks to get going on the Fall semester before settling on an activity or fundraiser event, so we may not know about those until mid-September.

4 . Do parents need to register for FFW?^

Yes, parents/families/guests need to register if they plan on attending any of the FFW events!  Note that our registration fee increases to $60 per family/group after 5pm October 8.

5 . When should families plan to arrive and leave for FFW and what kind of clothes should we bring?^

Activities are planned from Friday morning to Sunday mid-day. 

Friday is generally the day to visit classes with your student, but there may be special club activities or sports on Friday afternoon.   This might be the best day to enjoy the Jundt Museum exhibits, and we do feature a play on Friday evening, and you want to get tickets fast, as they always sell out before the weekend.

Saturday is the main activity day, featuring academic lectures and sessions, club activities -- depending upon what the students create, as well as music concerts, play performances, etc. 

Sunday is light in terms of planned activities -- there are two morning masses available, and the BARC has a special price for breakfast. Rowing event and other sporting activities are common.  And, a jazz concert!

The dress for this weekend is casual.  Prepare for the likely potential of rainy weather!

6 . What does the registration fee include?^

The registration fee of $45 per family group creates a foundation for the Fall Family Weekend program, providing for materials and refreshments at check-in and several academic events.  The fee also supports the faculty-parent wine and hors d’oeuvre reception, for which registration is required for entry. We are also able to underwrite costs for some club activities with these resources.

Fees are not based on the size of your family group. Bring as many visitors as you like to campus!

Thank you for your participation and support.

7 . Where do I go to check-in upon arrival?^

Come to the Foley Library entrance -- we are in the atrium area, next to a giant pumpkin and photo backdrop set up for you to enjoy. 

8 . While we are attending FFW, can our high school student tour GU and visit the Office of Admission?^

Yes! If you have a junior or senior in high school who would like to visit with an Admission counselor, tour campus, or visit classes during FFW, contact the Gonzaga Visit Office at 1-800-322-2584, ext. 6531, or fill out the Visit Request Form at www.gonzaga.edu/visitrequest  to reserve a spot. Reminder: space is limited - so contact the Visit Office NOW and make that appointment!

9 . How can we get tickets for the play?^

As soon as the theatre arts department online ticket site is ready, we will post and share!

10 . Are there any activities for the younger family members?^

The Camp Rosauer program is for children 3-10, hosted by our School of  Education faculty and students who plan activities from 9am to 12noon.