Graduate Student Speaker Selection

Graduate Ceremony Student Speaker Selection

Apply for the opportunity to give a 5-minute presentation at the commencement ceremony, following the keynote address. Academic and conduct status are considered in the review processes at each phase.

Selection Process 2017



Feb 19

Applicants complete the online form by midnight

Feb 24

Top ten applicants invited to submit online video demo

Mar 19

Nominees submit 90-second video of sample presentation to
Angela Ruff by midnight

Mar 23

Review team presents top three applicants to
Academic Vice President (AVP)

Mar 29

AVP selects student speaker

Apr 10

Student speaker submits draft script to Academic Events for Review

Apr 17

AVP edits or approves script

Apr 20

Student speaker presentation guidance/rehearsal process begins

May 12

Rehearsal - live presentation/practice of speech in McCarthey

May 13

Graduate Commencement Ceremony

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