Who Do I Contact?


Assistant Academic Vice President & University Registrar

Jolanta Weber
extension 6595

University academic policy and procedure, excess credit issues, excess credit tuition issues.

Associate Registrar & Director of Operations

Shari Rasmussen
extension 6597

Office administration, planning, staffing and budgeting procedures, degree and academic issues, late appeal concerns, FERPA issues, course substitution, waiver, and transfer credit posting/issues, Banner access authorization.

Client Services

Client Services Supervisor

Ryan Forim
extension 6509

Office supervision and management, department requisitions, registration issues, records maintenance, office budget manager, athletic and disability support service student registration liaison, grade processing concerns, late appeal processing, and assistance with veteran student population, web page update.

Registrar Services Coordinator

Emily Livingston
extension 6355

Front counter supervision, registration processing and initial contact for general policy questions/concerns, assistance with transcript production (on-line and in person), credit card processing, enrollment and degree verification procedures, address changes, assistance with transcript  issues, registration and related issues, address changes, electronic document management/imaging, assistance with graduate on line program administration, Web page update, administers non matriculated student registration, oversees education record subpoenas.

Registrar Services Coordinator

Carri Senn
extension 3511

Front counter supervision, registration processing and initial contact for general policy questions/concerns, oversight of transcript production (on-line and in person), credit card processing, assists with verification of enrollment and degree verification, registration and related issues, address changes, main line phone supervision and contact, assistance with grade changes, assists with processing of Change of Advisor/Major forms, electronic document management/imaging.

Student/Faculty Services

Academic Curriculum Specialist

Jill Herbst
extension 6388

Development of course offerings including the building of courses each semester, room scheduling utilizing EMS and Banner and production of data reports related to room utilization and course offerings, student worker supervision.

Special Programs Specialist

Carol Huston
extension 6594

Administration of concerns/questions regarding registration issues, course content, and transfer credit for consortium programs, off campus graduate student programs, and study abroad programs, processing of forms and grading for special program populations, privacy holds, Student Team liaison, repeat course processing.

Degree Evaluation Service

Assistant Registrar, Academic Credential Services

Heather Teshome
extension 3543

Administration and supervision of services provided by the Academic Credential Services office, contact for degree and diploma concerns for undergraduate, graduate, post baccalaureate and doctoral students, assistance with the posting of transfer credits for current students and credit concerns and questions on substitution and double counting of requirements, CAPP degree audit maintenance, Academic Council issues, Core Curriculum implementation, production of University catalogues, oversight of office related Commencement duties.

Senior Academic Records Evaluator (undergraduate, post baccalaureate)

Natalie Borek
extension 6502

Undergraduate degree evaluation and certification, substitution/waiver processing, assistance with transfer credit posting for undergraduate level degree applicants, degree office Web page update, undergraduate diploma orders and concerns, liaison to faculty advisors for undergraduate/post baccalaureate degree processing, assists with coordination of line up area for commencement, repeat course processing.

Academic Degree Evaluator (graduate, doctoral)

Janice Carruthers
extension 6593

Graduate and Doctoral student degree evaluation and certification, substitution/waiver processing, transfer credit posting for graduate level degree applicants, graduate and doctoral diploma orders and concerns, liaison to program directors for graduate/doctoral degree processing, compilation and editing of commencement programs, coordination of line up area and related needs for commencement, work study supervision.

Student Data Services

Computer Operations Specialist/VA Advisor

Mike Grabowski
extension 6596

Assists with statistical data reporting and development of technology related to Banner functionality; grade production and related processes; assists with National Student Clearinghouse submission; certification of veteran student educational benefits and veteran student advising.

Enrollment Data Systems Analyst/
Computer Operations Manager

Krystal Cortez
extension 6955

Produces report writing function, data conversion, and analytical and technology support to the Office of the Registrar and the Academic Vice President’s Office.  Ensures the availability of real time and user centric data that serves the diverse needs of college constituencies, works with technology processes in the implementation and automation of current and upcoming Banner/Banner XE functionality; provides directive on new software initiatives; serves as the student enrollment data source for all areas within the University; assists in Clearinghouse functionality and submissions.