Off Campus Registration Instructions

      Below are the instructions for Zagweb Off Campus Cohort Registration.

1. Click on Enter Secure Area.

2. Enter your ID number and PIN. (See attached PIN mailer) If your PIN is new or has been reset to your six digit
date of birth (MMDDYY), Zagweb will tell you that your PIN has expired and will require you to create and enter a
new PIN.  The new PIN must be six digits, numbers only no letters.

The first time you log into Zagweb you will be asked to make up a security question and answer to assist you in
accessing ZAGWEB in the future should you forget your PIN. To use this feature once it has been created, simply
enter your ID number or Social Security Number and then click Forgot PIN.  You will then be prompted to enter the
answer to the question which you entered previously. 

3. Click on Student & Financial Aid.

4. Click on Registration.

5.  Click on Select Term to select the term you wish to register.

6. Enter your CRNs from the Off Campus web page.  The CRNs are the 5 digit numbers on the attached course lists. 
 Do not search for courses in Zagweb, use the Off Campus web page because it is most likely that there will be
other cohorts taking the same courses.  If you wish to register for an Independent Study, see your advisor.  Enter CRNs.

7. After CRNs are entered to add, click on the Submit Changes button.

8. If you have printer capabilities, a schedule may be printed by selecting Student Schedule by Day & Time, or Student Detail Schedule.

9. Please use zagweb feedback on the Registration menu and tell us how it worked.

10. When you are done with a Zagweb session, be sure to click on the Exit button in the upper right hand corner of
your screen to ensure that any confidential information is cleared from your cache, then exit the browser normally.  Using the
Back button or the Menu option will not clear your cache.