University Purchasing

Mailing Address: Warehouse:
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502 E Boone Ave
AD 81
Spokane, WA 99258

128 E Sinto Ave
Spokane WA 99258

Plant Services
1004 N Ruby
Spokane, WA 99258

Accounts Payable
PO Box 3464
Spokane, WA 99220

Purchasing Contacts:
Director Steve Lunden 509-313-5624
Buyer Lorrie Engle 509-313-5672
Buyer Megan Self 509-313-5671
Buyer JoAnne Bruce 509-313-5649
Purchasing Assistant Kristina Manchester 509-313-5653

To see who to contact for your specific purchasing needs refer to the Commodity Split form.

University Purchasing is responsible for the management of the acquisition by purchase, lease or rental of ALL materials, services and equipment required by various departments of the University, regardless of funding sources.

The basic purchasing policies are determined by University administrative regulations.  University Purchasing has primary responsibility for interpreting these policies and establishing appropriate guidelines.  To assure compliance with all regulations, all purchases must have the appropriate prior approval from University Purchasing.  Any person making a purchase without prior approval must assume full responsibility for that purchase.

The objectives of University Purchasing are:

-To obtain specified goods and service for the requesting department
-To ensure proper quality and quantity
-To ensure timely delivery of goods
-To comply with University regulations
-To spend University funds wisely
-To achieve the acquisition at the lowest reasonable cost

To achieve these objectives, University Purchasing contacts suppliers locally, in- and out-of-state.  Price quotes are received through a formal competitive bid process as well as through informal quotations.

Grant and contract fund expenditures are subject to the same treatment as University funds.  Therefore, the existing University administrative regulations, as well as applicable grant and contract guidelines apply to all such purchases.  See for additional grant information.

University Purchasing will also decide which type of transactions is the appropriate form for the purchase.  A requisition may be developed into a regular purchase order, standing purchase order or a credit card purchase at the discretion of University Purchasing.

The phrase "sole source" indicates that the requested vendor is the only available source of supply for goods and services.  The goods and services must be unique or proprietary in nature, such as replacement parts for an existing piece of equipment.  Excluding replacement parts, sole source purchases are discouraged due to lack of competition, which may create potentially higher prices and terms more favorable to the supplier than to the University.  Sole source purchase requests must be documented by memorandum from the requesting department.

The buyers provide assistance in obtaining information about any item.  Employees with departmental purchasing responsibilities are encouraged to discuss questions about purchasing procedures with University Purchasing.  Within University policy, procedures can be developed to meet special needs, expedite purchases and/or reduce handling costs.