Helpful Hints FAQ

Mail Room – Helpful Hints - FAQ

  • Mail Room Hours are Monday – Friday 9:00AM-4PM and we are closed all GU Holidays
  • There is absolutely NO sharing of Mail Boxes this includes c/o, siblings, and roommates
  • Information about mail and packages cannot be given over the phone
  • We cannot give mail give over the counter due to postal regulations, you must use your key to get mail or packages
  • Mail Room accepts cash, check, debit and credit cards with the exception of Discover and American Express cards
  • Regular USPS mail arrives first thing in the morning.  Mail is then sorted and put in boxes between 10:00AM and Noon.  Times does vary due to amount of mail received that day
  • UPS, FEDEX, and DHL packages arrive by Noon.  Package slips for all packages are usually in mail boxes by 1:00PM.  Mondays are the exception due to larger mail amounts.  Times may vary due to amount of packages received that day
  • Mail Services has packing needs for purchase.  The Mail Services staff can assist with special services for outgoing mail
  • Mail leaves everyday at 2:30PM.  UPS and FEDEX leave between 2:00PM and 3:00PM.  Anything after that will be post marked the next day
  • The Mail Room stops forwarding mail August 1st
  • You may start shipping your items 2 weeks prior to school starting

Student envelopes and packages should be addressed as follows:

Student Name
Gonzaga University MSC Box _________
502 E Boone Ave
Spokane  WA 99258