Mobile Devices


ITS can assist you in three ways with mobile devices: 

1.) Connect you to the network:

  • Go to 'Settings', confirm 'Wi-Fi' is set to on,  
  • Select 'Gonzaga Community'
  •  Enter your current Gonzaga username and password, then 'Join'
  • Then accept the certificate 

2.) Set up your Email:

Windows Phone

a)     Go to settings
b)     Tap email + accounts
c)     Choose ' Add an account'
d)     Choose 'Outlook'
e)     Enter full email
f)      Enter Password
g)     Tap Sign in
h)     At the next screen, change the username to your FULL Gonzaga email address
i)     Leave the domain field blank
j)    Add server as
k)   Tap sign in, now it will show that it is syncing the mail.


iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

a) Tap Settings, and then tap MailContactsCalendar.
b) Tap Add Account in the Accounts page.
c) Select Exchange.
d) Enter your Zagmail email address (example: and password.
e) At the next screen, enter the following:

f) Hit Next and green checkboxes will appear to indicate the connection was successful
g) At the next screen, select the fields that you want to sync. Tap Save.


a) Go to settings
b) Select accounts
c) Select 'Add account', for account type select 'Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
d) Enter your full email address and password

If you're unable to use the app for any reason, you can still set up on your Android device. Here's how:

a)    On your device, tap Email, then tap Add account.
b)     Enter your Zagmail email address (example: and password, then tap Manual setup.
c)     Under What type of account is this? tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
d)     If there is a Domain\Username field, delete the “\” and type in Zagmail email addess (example:
e)     If there is a Domain field, add
f)    In the server field enter
g)     Under username put your full email again
h)     Also, you should be SSL checked

Microsoft Apps
a)    To ensure you download the proper mail app, login to your account as stated above.
b)   Click the gear on the far right and select "Office 365 Settings"
c)    From the options on the left click ‘Software'
d)   Select the ‘Phone & Tablet' option
e)    Select which phone or tablet you would like apps for
f)     Click the ‘Get apps' button
g)    Enter your mobile phone number if getting apps for a phone or your email address if getting apps for a tablet, and then press the green ‘send' button.
h)   Microsoft will send you a text or email with direct links to the apps you should download.
i)     You will need to know the following information to configure your apps.


 3.) Removing data from your devices: Call (509-313-5550) or email the IT Support Center for more information.


Information Technology Services

IT Support Center (Faculty/Staff): 
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Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Next Gen Tech Bar (Students):
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