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Registration FAQs

How do I register for my first-semester courses?

Your first-semester course schedule will be constructed for you by Academic Advising and Assistance, based on the information you provide in the Academic Interest Survey (AIS), as well as your academic profile and history.  To learn more, please visit our website at www.gonzaga.edu/froshregistration.  For all subsequent semesters, you will register for courses on your own, through Zagweb. 

Why can't I just plan and register for courses all on my own?

Our commitment to every entering student is that we will help you get on track for a four-year graduation for the major you select at entrance. This means making sure you take the right courses from the beginning, to provide you the foundation necessary to complete advanced undergraduate work in later terms.

Are there any required courses that I must take at Gonzaga, regardless of my major?

Yes!  Gonzaga has a University Core, consisting of 45 credits.  For more information about the components of a Gonzaga degree, including the University core, click here.

What courses will I take if I am not sure about my major or my interests?

College is your opportunity for exploration, and finding the right major or career is part of the journey.  We don't want you to feel pressured into choosing a major right from the start.  If you are unsure about your studies, that's OK!  There are only a handful of majors and programs (engineering, health science related fields, special education, teacher certification) that require specific courses to be taken first semester, so being undecided won't put you behind. When you complete the registration survey, be sure to answer all of our questions accurately.  Your answers will inform our scheduling process, and ensure that we get you registered for courses that meet degree requirements, and expose you to areas of self-identified interest.  Still unsure about being undecided?  Check out this YouTube video to learn more about how Gonzaga supports our students searching for majors. 

How many credits will I be taking?

In order to complete a degree, Gonzaga requires at least 128 semester credits. Students who wish to complete their degree in four years must average at least 32 credits per year, or 16 credits per semester on average.  Students in engineering and special education programs should anticipate 18 and 17 credit semesters in order to complete those programs in four years. Each credit of in-class time generally requires at least 2 hours of out-of-class study per week, so a semester schedule of 16 credits will compose an average and balanced week of academic work. Full-time student standing is anywhere between 12 and 18 credits per semester. 

If I have taken a foreign language in high school, do I have to take one again?

All students who major in the College of Arts & Sciences will have a foreign language competency requirement.  Foreign language is not a competency requirement for other Schools, however, mastery of a foreign language is a significant enhancement to a well-rounded education.  Students in all disciplines with interest in languages are encouraged to include language study in their program.  Feel free to take a language other than the one(s) you studied in high school. Introductory courses are available in all languages taught at GU with no expectation of previous study, so be adventurous!

Do I have to take a math course right away?

All students must complete at least one semester of mathematics within their first year at Gonzaga, as part of their University Core. Many majors and/or areas of concentration require more extensive mathematics coursework as well. Depending on your chosen area of study, you will be placed in mathematics when and if it is necessary to the timely completion of your academic program.  Many students will not have mathematics course in their first semester schedule.  These students are expected to take this course, in consultation with their academic advisor, in their spring term.

Does Gonzaga have admission-only majors and programs?

Yes.  Students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or any Engineering degree (with the exception of Computer Science), must be admitted to these Schools as part of the regular application and admission process to Gonzaga University.  If you either did not apply as such degree/major, or were not admitted to these programs, you will not be allowed to pursue these programs or courses at Gonzaga University. 

I am thinking about study abroad my junior year. Is there anything I should know that might effect my first semester schedule?

Yes! If you are thinking about going abroad, you should consider taking a language your first semester. Some study abroad programs require coursework in foreign language before travel, while others do not.  During the fall, have a conversation with your advisor about long-range academic planning. Every study abroad program calls for careful academic planning, including appropriate coursework in the target language.

For more information about Gonzaga's many Study Abroad opportunities, click here.

When will I get my fall schedule?

All freshmen will be e-mailed instructions on downloading their official fall schedules no later than August 1st. Any schedule seen prior to this notification is not complete nor final, and will likely change as we work to enroll all new incoming students.  When you receive our notification that your schedules are complete, it will be very important to read through all of the information. 

If I don't like my schedule, once I receive it, can I change it?

Yes, perhaps. Once you receive your schedule, if you have questions or concerns, plan to either call, e-mail or visit our office during Schedule Change Times. We will listen to your concerns and review your schedule with you to see if changes are necessary and/or possible. Our first priority is registering you for a first semester that sets you on a four-year path to graduation. If that requires schedule changes, we will gladly make them.  For more information about schedule changes, please click here.

What if, when I arrive in the fall, I find that I must change my schedule?

We will be available for schedule changes and advising during New Student Orientation.  Once classes begin, please consult with your Academic Advisor before requesting changes to your schedule.  These changes must be made during the "ADD/DROP" period, in the first few days of classes. The last day to add a course for fall semester 2017 is Wednesday, September 6th. The last day to drop a course for fall semester 2017 is Friday, September 8th. For more information about schedule changes, please click here.

When will I meet my Academic Advisor?

On August 28th, during the Academic Day of New Student Orientation, you will meet your assigned academic advisor.  This advisor is assigned to you in August by the Academic Advising & Assistance office.  This person is not on-campus in the summer months, and has not taken part in the creation of your schedule. Be rest assured, your first semester schedule was created by a professional academic advisor at Gonzaga, and meets the requirements of your selected major and/or area of interest.

If I have any questions, who can I contact?

Over the summer, and at any point during your academic career, bring your schedule and advising questions and concerns to us at advise@gonzaga.edu.  Once classes begin, you should start with your Academic Advisor for all advising and enrollment questions, though we are here for you as well through your tenure as a Gonzaga student, should you ever need assistance.

I have decided not to come to GU in the fall, what do I need to do?

If you have decided not to attend GU, please contact the Admissions Office at 509.313.6572.

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