Sustainability in ITS


Sustainability in ITS

Technology in general has helped people in their environmental sustainability initiatives for years now. Information Technology Services (ITS) has been helping the university in its sustainability efforts in many ways as well. For example, all printers, power strips, surge suppressors, PCs, servers, and other technology-related equipment purchased by ITS are energy star certified. We also repurpose, or recycle classroom technology and personal computing equipment. We have made, and continue to make, a significant investment in server virtualization technology, which results in appreciable reductions in power consumption and waste.  More than 65% of centrally-managed servers have been virtualized, with a target of greater than 80% virtualization within 12 months.

With our constant interaction with software, hardware and technology services companies ITS strives to assure we work with companies that take sustainability seriously as well. Something as simple as packaging and shipping can make a substantial difference, which is what Lenovo, Gonzaga's computer supplier, is doing now.Bulk Packaing

Gonzaga University ITS partners with Lenovo for our computer needs and they are using a green packaging technique unique to their company, that is "reducing our university's waste by 600 pounds of packaging material a year.  To date we have not had to recycle or throw away over 2,000 pounds of packing material" said Jim Jones, Director of IT Operations.  According to Lenovo, "The new packaging material, made from 100 percent recycled Bulk Packagingthermoformed cushions, enables PCs to be stacked together and requires less packaging material. This new material also helps minimize shipping costs." Lenovo has also reduced their packaging size, which allows for an increase pallet density by over 33%. What does this mean for GU? Less waste, a reduction in labor cost that would be used unpacking materials individually, and reduced costs for shipping new computers to the university.

Lenovo is an industry leader in their use of environmentally friendly product packaging and continues to develop processes and material. They are currently researching options for a ‘greener' biodegradable shipping material. If you would like more information on ITS sustainability efforts please visit our website.