Graduate Education Scholarship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The scholarship is equal to 15% off the program tuition rate. For example, a program billed at $1,000/credit hour will actually be billed at $850/credit hour.
  • Gonzaga University graduates. This includes undergraduate degree programs, graduate degree programs and Gonzaga Law School graduates. Students beginning their program January 1, 2020 or later will be eligible for the scholarship beginning the Summer 2020 term.
  • This scholarship is a new initiative, beginning for the Summer 2020 term. Only new students are eligible for the scholarship. Spring 2020 enrollees have been grandfathered into eligibility, but scholarships are only effective beginning for Summer 2020. We encourage you to reach out to the program for any internal or assistantship opportunities.
  • Alumni who wish to receive this scholarship must apply yearly, which means filling out a brief form.
Alumni may use this scholarship for any masters or doctoral program (i.e. Master of Business Administration or Master’s in Organizational Leadership) offered at Gonzaga University.

Post-Baccalaureate DNP students are only eligible upon entry (alumni prior to applying); you cannot upgrade to the scholarship after earning your MSN while in program.

Certificate program (i.e. Principal Certification or Certificate in Women’s Leadership, etc.) students are not eligible.
No, the scholarship cannot be used in the School of Law. Gonzaga Law graduates are eligible to use it for another graduate program at Gonzaga University.
No, the scholarship cannot be used in the University of Washington School of Medicine Gonzaga Regional Health Partnership program.
No, this scholarship does not apply to any certificate programs or the programs offered by the Training and Development Department within the School of Leadership Studies.
Yes, you are eligible to receive the scholarship during your graduate year(s). For example, an accelerated M.Acc student would pay undergraduate tuition until receiving their bachelor’s degree and then be eligible for the Alumni Scholarship discount for their final year.
Yes, you are eligible for the scholarship throughout the entire program.
If your program began in Spring 2020 or later, you are eligible for the scholarship beginning in the Summer 2020 term.
No, this scholarship is for Gonzaga Alumni only.
There will be no stacking of scholarship funds, the 15% alumni scholarship will likely be a higher value and replace lower offered amounts. Any alternative Gonzaga Scholarship larger than the 15% Alumni Scholarship would take precedence. If you are an alum and a staff member receiving tuition reimbursement, you would not be eligible for the Graduate Alumni Scholarship.
Yes, you may be awarded the scholarship and an additional Graduate Assistantship.
  • You must apply, which means filling out a brief form (yearly) to opt-in and identify program credits for upcoming semesters of intended enrollment.
  • Students must also maintain good academic standing in their respective program to continue to be eligible to receive the scholarship. For example, if your program requires you to maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average, you must maintain that grade point average to receive the scholarship.
  • If you are a potential graduate student or are already in the process of applying for a program, contact Graduate Admissions at or call or text (866) 380-5323.
  • If you are a current graduate student and have questions about eligibility, contact Student Services at or call or text (509) 313-3573.