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Alumni Graduate Education Scholarship

Zags Never Stop Learning 

We are happy to announce a new scholarship for Gonzaga University Alumni. The Alumni Graduate Education Scholarship is now available to any alum who wishes to pursue a graduate degree at Gonzaga. The scholarship is equal to 15% off a program’s tuition rate and those eligible must apply to receive the scholarship.

While this is a very difficult time, both emotionally and economically it is also an opportunity.  Many people are thinking about furthering their education whether to increase skills, retool or even follow that dream to change careers.  Gonzaga believes in lifelong learning and is committed to helping you achieve your goals through continued education.

We offer graduate degrees in business, communication, counseling, education, engineering, leadership and nursing, to name a few. Many of our programs are designed for working professionals and delivered online.




Potential Graduate Students:

Contact Graduate Admissions
Call or Text: (866) 380-5323

Current Graduate Students:

Contact Graduate Student Services
Call or Text (509) 313-3573

Samantha Galluzzo

Samantha Galluzzo

ORGL Student

"I cannot thank you enough for making this scholarship available. Things like this are why I went to GU for undergrad and stayed for grad school, this school takes care of their students."

Antonio Green

Antonio Green

ORGL | Financial Advisor, Vanguard

"It truly has been one of the best investments I have made in a while."

Ashley Camano

Ashley Camano

MASAA | New York Mets

"I really attribute so much of my ability to make a move to the New York Mets to this program. I think this program has done a really great job of giving us a baseline of all of the different issues that you might encounter as a member of a sports organization."

Ezra Eckhardt

Ezra Eckhardt, MBA '02

President & CEO, STCU

Ezra Eckhardt is an Air Force veteran and MBA '02 alumnus. He is the former VP of Umpqua Bank and is now the President & CEO of STCU. Hear about his GU experience.

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

MSN | Family Nurse Practitioner

"The medical community is looking for you to be ready and Gonzaga helps you, they make you ready."

Sean Greenwood

Sean Greenwood

Ben & Jerry's | Alumus

"It was all real time learning. To be able to do programs, projects and assignments that were related to my job while I was working at Ben & Jerry's was tremendous."

Jaunessa Walsh

Jaunessa Walsh, MBA '07

Co Owner, Farmgirl Fit

Jaunessa Walsh graduated from the Gonzaga MBA in 2007 and is now the Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Farmgirl Fit! Hear her story and why she chose Gonzaga.

Kynlyn Jackson

Kynlyn Jackson

MASAA | Parks & Recreation, Lynnwood, WA

"This degree helps you to prepare for the future, it teaches you innovative approaches to doing things and helps you become better at your job."

Alli Moss, Gonzaga alumna

Alli Wonn

MSTax 2017

Alli passed all four sections of the CPA exam while working as a Graduate Assistant and academic tutor at Gonzaga.

Justin Slagle

Justin Slagle

ORGL | Del Mar School District

‘I couldn’t even put a price on what I received, not only in knowledge, but unlocking something inside of me to take those next steps and to go further. What I got out of Gonzaga is absolutely priceless and I would recommend it to anybody. "

Katherine Morgan

Katherine Morgan, MBA '14

Senior Vice President & Spokane-Boise Market Manager, Bank of America

Senior Vice President & Spokane-Boise Market Manager of Bank of America, Katherine Morgan, describes her experience in the Gonzaga MBA. She discusses attending part-time while working and the value of the MBA.

Trevor Airey

Trevor Airey

ORGL | National Account Mgr, Philips Hospital & Health Care

"Every dollar that I spent towards tuition was going toward brand new things that I had never learned before."

Sophia Iliakis

Sophia Iliakis

COML | Dir., Int'l Student Programs and Student Recruitment, Peninsula Community College

"I think the time of going for a master's degree that is inflexible is past, because the world changes so quickly, careers change so quickly and Gonzaga was the first program that I could find that was able to allow for that."