The Practice of Hope

Hope as a practice goes much deeper than a simple wish for a good day or a great result on a test we are about to take. Hope reflects our beliefs; it is connected to how we perceive the way in which we should be in the world — both for and with others.

Given the current challenges we all face with the disruptions to our world, this is a great chance to come together and learn how we can practice hope to make our immediate situations, and future world, a better place.

Thank you to those who joined us for the April 8, 2020 Practice of Hope webinar with Dr. Yolanda Gallardo, Dean of the School of Education! Read the presenter's bio.

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What does the Practice of Hope cover?

The school is a microcosm of society (a reflection of all societal institutions); A critique of the school is essential to ensure that all voices and lived realities are present; the same is true for society as a whole; link critical questions to the current global crisis and its affect on GU.


Sense of purpose in some cases has been torn away abruptly or there is a threat that this will happen. Fear of sitting with the discomfort of the possibility of having to reimagine a sense of purpose.


The kind of hope are we seeing in this moment; some barriers are being thought about and even broken in some cases. We are seeing others with new eyes because this event is unifying us. We are being more reflective — revisiting the “why”.

Being the hope that is needed:

  • Sharing Funds of Knowledge
  • Offering Networks
  • Alumni ARE a representation of hope for current students – the image of what can be for them; the image of possibility!