High School Counselor Information

High School Counselor Information

Welcome, colleagues!

We are greatly appreciative of the support you offer to college-bound students and look forward to working with you throughout the application process. Please contact the Office of Admission with any questions you may have.

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Estimated Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid
     - Tuition & Fees = $36,535 Full-Time (2014-2015)
     - Room & Board = $9,580 (Standard Double Occupancy room & Sapphire meal plan)
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Admission Policies

Admission Requirements
English: 4 years
Mathematics: 3-4 years (including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry)
History/Social Studies: 3 years
Science: 3-4 years (Natural/Physical Science with Laboratories)
Foreign Language: 2-3 years (same language; ASL accepted)
*The Office of Admission highly encourages applicants to enroll in at least 5 academic courses in the senior year. 

Gonzaga has two academic programs each with additional requirements. 

NURSING: Gonzaga's Nursing Program accepts first-year applications only.  Applicants interested in the Nursing Program must choose "Nursing" on their application to be considered.   Students not admitted into the Nursing Program through the application process will not be permitted to change their major to nursing.

ENGINEERING: Applicants interested in pursuing any of the majors in the School of Engineering and Applied Science as a first-year student should be ready for College Calculus and (with the exception of computer science applicants) should have completed Physics in high school.  Students not meeting these criteria are encouraged to consider majors outside the School.

Academic Profile (averages for the incoming freshman class)
      - GPA: 3.74 (unweighted)
      - ACT: 27 (writing test not required)
      - SAT: 1201 (CR + M; super-score accepted)

Admission Interviews: Admission interviews are encouraged, but not required for admission. Students who have taken a strong college-prep curriculum, but who have an unweighted GPA at or below 3.1, ACT scores at or below 23, and/or SAT (CR+M) scores at or below 1070 are highly encouraged to schedule an interview with their Admission Counselor prior to submitting an application. Interviews can be done on a campus visit, via phone or video conference, or, if time allows, during an Admission Counselor's visit to cities/high schools. 

AP/IB/Running Start
The strength of an applicant's course curriculum is the most important factor in determining admissibility and eligibility for academic merit awards.
      - AP: Exam scores of 4 or 5 are generally accepted for course credit
      - IB: Higher Level scores of 5 or higher are generally accepted for course credit

Dual Enrollment and College Credits

Application Process

Common Application 
Freshman Application Deadlines:
       -  Nov. 15: Early Action (non-binding)
       -  Feb. 1: Regular Decision
       -  Feb. 1: Priority Deadline for FAFSA
Transfer Application Deadlines:
        - June 1: Fall semester
        - Nov. 15: Spring semester

Notification Procedure:
Admission decisions will be mailed directly to the student by posted deadlines. Decisions will not be available online or over the phone.
         - Early Action notification: mailed by Jan. 15
         - Regular Decision notification: mailed by April 1
         - Transfer student notification: rolling

Financial Aid Process/Timeline:

  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1.
  • Apply for additional Gonzaga scholarships by February 1 (except ROTC, which is due Nov 15 and ILS, which is due Jan 8).
  • Comprehensive financial aid packages are mailed out April 1.
  • Due to the Gonzaga Guarantee, Gonzaga funded scholarships and grants will not decrease if a student maintains satisfactory academic standing during continuous full-time, four-year undergraduate enrollment.

* All freshman applicants have until May 1 to confirm enrollment.

Helpful Links and School Codes:

     - FAFSA 003778
     - SAT 4330
     - ACT 4458

NCAA Compliance (Prospective athletes)
    - Contact a Gonzaga Compliance Officer

Contact Information

Office of Admission
502 E. Boone Avenue
Spokane, WA 99258-0102

Julie McCulloh, Dean of Admission

(800) 322-2584
(509) 313-6572

(509) 313-5780

(800) 793-1716
(509) 313-6582