Admission Requirements

The following pattern of coursework is recommended for admission to Gonzaga:

4 years


3-4 years (including algebra I, geometry, algebra II / trigonometry)

History or Social Studies

3 years

Foreign Language

2-3 years of the same language; world languages preferred, American Sign Language accepted


3-4 years (natural or physical laboratory science)

    The course curriculum is a key component in determining admissibility and merit awards. Students are encouraged to complete the most rigorous curriculum they can manage, including AP, IB, and honors courses (if offered by high school).

    As an applicant for admission, you are expected to have graduated from an accredited high school with a college preparatory curriculum while showing evidence of ability to complete the University's requirements for graduation.

    Gonzaga's Office of Admission reviews each application thoroughly. Although we have no set minimum GPA/test score requirements, please consider the following guidelines. An admission interview is highly encouraged if a student has:

    • An unweighted GPA at or below 3.2
    • An SAT combined score for Critical Reading and Math at or below 1070
    • An ACT composite score at or below 23

      Interviews may be done in person as part of a campus visit, on the phone, or via video chat with an Admission Counselor.

    The Office of Admission carefully considers the following items as part of the application to Gonzaga University:

    • Curriculum and school
    • Grade point average and grade trends
    • SAT or ACT scores
    • College essay
    • Activities and honors
    • Character

    Gonzaga has two academic programs each with additional requirements. 

    NURSING: Gonzaga's Nursing Program accepts first-year applications only.  Applicants interested in the Nursing Program must choose "Nursing" on their application to be considered.   Students not admitted into the Nursing Program through the application process will not be permitted to change their major to nursing.

    ENGINEERING: Applicants interested in pursuing any of the majors in the School of Engineering and Applied Science as a first-year student should be ready for College Calculus and (with the exception of computer science applicants) should have completed Physics in high school.  Students not meeting these criteria are encouraged to consider majors outside the School.

    SAT and ACT Policy

    Gonzaga University would like students to provide all results from every administration of the SAT and/or ACT taken. Gonzaga will combine students' best individual section scores from separate exams. The University also uses the scores as a way to communicate early about specific programs of interest, scholarship opportunities, and to give admission guidance.

    We will accept all sections of the SAT as it is provided, but will not universally use the new Written portion until further studies are done to examine the success of under-represented college-bound groups. However, our office will use the Written score in admission cases where more information specific to writing ability would be helpful in decision making.

    We will also not require the Written Section of the ACT until further testing is done.

    In 2013, the incoming freshman class had average ACT composite score of 26.8 and SAT (CR + M) score of 1200.

    Home-School Policy

    Home-schooled students represent a unique and important population in Gonzaga University's applicant pool. Students and families choose home-schooling for a variety of reasons and implement a variety of instructional methods. Therefore, an application from a home-schooled student receives highly individualized attention.

    As a home-schooled student we ask that you answer all home-school questions on the Common Application School Report. 

    The Admission Committee will consider all submitted materials and encourages applicants to arrange an admission interview, if possible. Please contact the Office of Admission with questions.