Student Employment Opportunities

Where to find work

No matter how you find employment at Gonzaga, you'll be earning money to help with your educational expenses! There are a variety of work options available while at Gonzaga, outlined below. As a student employee, your earnings can help to cover your out of pocket expenses like books. For those students participating in federal work study, you can request your earnings to be applied to your account balance. Job openings for all on-campus jobs are posted in handshake.

On-Campus Work Study: The Federal Work Study (FWS) program provides part-time jobs for undergraduate students demonstrating financial need. FWS emphasizes community service work and work related to your field of study whenever possible. Eligibility for this program is indicated on your financial aid award.

On-Campus Non-Work Study: Gonzaga employs over 1,500 students each year in non-work study positions. These positions are funded directly through Gonzaga's budget.

Off-Campus Work Study: Washington State Work Study is available to students who are Washington State residents demonstrating financial need. Most positions are within walking or busing distance to Gonzaga's campus.Eligibility for this program is indicated on your financial aid award.

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