Summer Session

A beautiful morning on campus.

Summer 2020 Tuition Rates
(per credit hour)

Program Title Cost per Credit 
Dual High School Enrollment  $295 
Undergraduate   $775 
Post Baccalaureate   $1,020
Graduate (Business- Accounting Programs-MACC/MTAX)   $990
Graduate (Business- MBA Programs)   $1,040 
Graduate (Communication & Organizational Leadership)   $980 
Graduate (Education- Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Marriage & Family Counseling and School Counseling) $1,030
Graduate (Education- Special Education) $1,010
Graduate (Education- Specialist in School Psychology)   $870
Graduate (Education- Sport & Athletic Administration) $1,035 
Graduate (Education- Teaching English as a Second Language) $995
Graduate (Education- Teaching English as a Second Language- Summer Institute) $730
Graduate (Engineering)   $1,030
Graduate (Nursing- RN to MSN)   $965 
Graduate (Nursing- MSN Program)   $1,030
Graduate (Philosophy)   $855 
Graduate (Theology & Leadership)   $720 
Doctor of Educational Leadership $870
Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice $1,010 
Doctor of Nursing Practice   $1,055
Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership Studies  $1,030  
Law   $1,490 


Summer 2020 Fees

Fee Name Cost
Summer Administrative Fee   $45* 
Technology Fee   $64* 
Student Fitness Center Membership, optional   $30 
Dual Enrollment Administrative Fee  $15  
*Note: Law and Dual Enrollment students do not pay this fee.  


Summer 2020 Housing (per week)

Residence Hall/Apartment Name Cost
Burch/Dussault Double   $160 
Burch/Dussault Single   $185 
Corkery/Kennedy Apartments   $195 
Double Room   $145 
Premium Single Room   $170 
Single Room   $155 

Updated 02/10/2020