ZAGCARD Replacement Fee

If your ZAGCARD is lost or broken and you need a replacement, the first step is to pay the $30.00 replacement fee. There are three convenient options to pay the fee:

  1. Pay with cash or check

    Payment by cash or check is made at the Cashier Window located in the lower level of the Crosby Building, Student Financial Services Room 001.  Your replacement ZAGCARD will not be processed until the fee is paid.  Payment by cash or check is only available during the Cashier Window hours which can be found on Student Account’s Staff Contact Info webpage.

  2. Pay with credit or debit card

    Enter all the information on the CASHNet form.  A receipt is sent to your email address when your payment has successfully processed. Campus Card Services will send an email when your ZAGCARD is ready for pick up.

  3. Pay with Bulldog Bucks
  4. Complete the form to request payment using Bulldog Bucks.  Your ZAGCARD will only be processed when there is sufficient Bulldog Bucks available to cover the replacement fee.  Campus Card Services will send an email when your ZAGCARD is ready for pick up.

    Save Time!

    Need a new ZAGCARD? You can pay the fee and receive notification when your replacement ZAGCARD is ready for pick up.

    • Reduce waiting time.  Paying in advance means you don’t have to wait in our office for your information to be updated in our systems and the ZAGCARD to print.  You can easily pick up your ZAGCARD between classes.
    • Move to the front of the line!  Picking up a ZAGCARD is so easy.  We have a specific line designated for picking up your ZAGCARD.
    • Immediate access.  Printing your ZAGCARD in advance provides enough time for systems to update campus wide.  Your card will provide access to campus facilities immediately.