Who are we?

The Graduate Student Council includes elected members from any of the grad program (with the exception of the Law Program).

2015-2016 Graduate Student Council

President: Chris Gummeson

Vice President: Angel Mak

Communications Chair: Rachael Flores

Treasurer: Abbi Padfield

On-Campus Representative: Emily Ball

On-line Representative: Dorothy Zevenbergen

Council Representative Responsibilities Document

Graduate Student Association Advisor -Claudine Richardson, Student Involvement and Leadership,

What do we do?

The Graduate Student Council provides leadership to and a voice for all Gonzaga Graduate Students.
It is our goal to:

  • Increase awareness of the Graduate Student population--both on-campus and distance students--at GU
  • Increase graduate student participation in campus events
  • Use this website, the Community page, and other social media outlets as hubs for graduate information
  • Increase inter-disciplinary communication between programs
  • Help the graduate student population experience the Gonzaga spirit

The Graduate Student Council hopes to achieve these goals by:

  • Creating a community atmosphere for graduate students
  • Presenting programming targeted toward the graduate student population, including those with families
  • Assisting graduate programs with funding for programming
  • Establishing and marketing through the Gonzaga Community website and Facebook group
  • Establishing relationships with faculty and staff to benefit current and future students

Important Information

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