Dr. Mark Bodamer

Dr. Mark Bodamer is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Gonzaga University, where he teaches courses in basic psychology as well as in his specialty area of Comparative Psychology. Dr. Bodamer earned his PhD in experimental psychology from the University of Nevada-Reno where he studied under the pioneering chimpanzee comparative psychologists Drs R. Allen and Beatrix T. Gardner. He has been involved in chimpanzee sign language studies with Washoe, Moja, Tatu, Dar and Loulis in Dr. Roger Fouts' primate facility at Central Washington University for almost 25 years. During that time he has worked with chimpanzees in a wide variety of captive settings primarily exploring ways to enhance their lives as well as to help educate the public about our sibling species. His work has helped shed light on the continuity between species and also helped raise ethical issues related to the long term care and psychological well-being of chimpanzees. For the past seven summers Dr. Bodamer has been working in Zambia, Africa at the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust Education Center. Chimfunshi is a unique sanctuary in which he and his students have been involved in research, educational outreach and humanitarian aid projects.