Career Center & Alumni Association

If you are looking for work, utilize the career center to help you out.

Whether you are a distant or campus student, the career center wants to work with you! They are happy to look at your resume, cover letter, do interview prep with you, etc. If you cannot come into their office, then skype or do a conference call.

Another Awesome program that the Career Center and GU Alumni offers is the GAMP program (Gonzaga Alumni Mentor Program). In this program, what they do is hook you up with three or four individuals who can act as a mentor to you in helping you get into the career you desire to work in. It is a great program. Make sure to check it out!  

Visit the Career Center

Alumni Association

Also, sign up as an alumni and like your local chapter's Facebook page. You can do this even as a student! You also are welcome to attend your local chapter events. This is a great opportunity for networking and making the transition to graduation.

Watch the following Graduate Student Workshops with the Career Center.

The first focuses on interview prep. The second focuses on networking and LinkedIn.